Start coaching

Feeling inspired?

Most Ultimate coaching in the UK is voluntary. As a volunteer coach you need a desire to get going and the flexibility to commit your time.

Who do you want to coach?

Whether an existing team or something new, coaching can make a huge difference to all involved. You might want to coach children, juniors, students, work colleagues, local players or at an established club.

Where will you run your sessions?

Venues need to be safe and suitable. Designated sports sites should be used over common land or parks.

Some further questions:

Do you need coaching qualifications?

Some coaches will require or want coaching qualifications, the UK Ultimate Level 1 Coaching Award is a perfect place to start.

What is your First Aid plan?

Coaches should have up-to-date First Aid training. The venue you use may also have a First Aid plan.

Do you require safeguarding training or a DBS?

Safeguarding training is required if you're coaching under 18s, we recommend looking at NSPCC online courses . Depending on the context of your coaching you may also need a DBS check.

Do you need to register with UK Ultimate?

At the moment not all coaches are required to be registered. In the future it's likely that certain coaches will have to be registered with UK Ultimate.

Do you need personal public liability insurance?

Coaches are responsible for deciding if they require insurance based on their individual circumstances. UK Ultimate Coach Registration includes insurance.

Do you need parents' involvement?

Having parents involved is a great way to get a children's sessions started.

For more information or support please email