UKU Coach Profiles

"Watching others fall in love with something you love is amazing."

This site is about sharing the stories and experiences of Ultimate coaches around the UK. The growing network of coaches includes people coaching at all levels, with players from as young as 6. Coaching can be amazing, rewarding and inspiring, it supports the growth and development of Ultimate as well as promoting the positive values of Spirit of the Game and a pure love for the sport.

The coach profiles started in 2019 with a collection of coaches who answered a series of questions about how they got into coaching and what they enjoy about it. They all shared some top tips for getting started, so take a look to see what they said! In 2022 we're going to look at one coach's journey throughout the season in a coach case study.

If you coach Ultimate at any level, we need to hear from you! Please email


Become a UKU qualified coach with help from MESH!

In March 2022 MESH is running a project to help UK Ultimate members from Minority Ethnic backgrounds gain their UKU Level 1 Coaching qualification. For more information about this project and to get involves, please email

2022 is a big year for coaching. At UKU we have made all of our Coach Education materials FREE for UKU Members - we hope this will encourage more people to take their first steps into coaching and that it can provide greater support for those already coaching. This also provides free access to all of our Level 1 course material. We're also working on new content and a revised Level 2 qualification is also on its way later this year. In addition we've made changes to the Coach Register and we're actively working to engage clubs and coaches alike in the coaching discussion.

With the return of a full Indoor and Outdoor season across Youth and Schools, University and Club, a return to large-scale tournaments, GB Futures, WUCC, World Games and simply more Ultimate in 2022, coaching is becoming an increasingly important to talk more about.